Factory Audit

Factory Audit

Ensures appropriate suppliers are being selected.

As a buyer, it is most important to choose the right suppliers at the sourcing stage. If you are expecting suppliers to deliver products with the right quality, in the right quantity and at the right time, it requires that suppliers reach certain quality standards within their operations. HQTS helps you do a technical audit to reduce sourcing risks. This audit helps you understand the capability and conditions of manufacturers before business decisions are made.

With HQTS auditors’ experience and knowledge of management systems, we evaluate manufacturers mainly on the following aspects:

  • Manufacturer’s identification & background,
  • Manpower,
  • Production capability,
  • Machinery, facilities & equipment,
  • Manufacturing process & production lines,
  • In-house quality control system such as testing & inspection,
  • Management system & capability,
  • Environment.

Social Compliance Audit

Ensures your suppliers fully comply with social responsibility.

During sourcing, buyers are concerned about products’ quality, price and delivery terms; but in the recent years, with the prevailing thinking about of Social Compliance, buyers demand that their suppliers meet the required Social Compliance as well. HQTS Social Compliance Program is a rational and cost effective solution for buyers, retailers and manufacturers to avoid supplier compliance problems. Our native language auditors will interview staff, check records and audit factory operations according to globally recognized indicators and benchmarks such as SA8000, ETI, ICTI and etc.

We audit the supplier compliance mainly on the following aspects:

  • Child labor,
  • Forced labor,
  • Discrimination,
  • Minimum wage,
  • Overtime wage,
  • Working hours,
  • Social benefits,
  • Safety and health,
  • Dormitories,
  • Protection of the environment.